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Once in a blue moon, a voice comes along that leaves you speechless; this is such a voice. Monica has shown that a natural singing ability combined with youth makes anything possible. Here is a copy of her e-mail and the voice samples that she sent along:

Hello my name is monica and I live in Seattle Washington.
I have stumbled across your link and was fascinated by your techniques and the information you have on your site. And when I saw that I could send my comments/thoughts and wavs in I just had to respond. (introducingmyself wav)
I am 24 years old. And I began voice trainging myself since I was 15yrs.old
(At that time I didn't know it) I have been on harmones for a few months and I'm having Breast Augmentation done in two months. Anyways I just wanted to say a few things about my personal experiences and hope it may help some girls out there. Mind you the things I will say are my personal experiences and although some of them are embarrassing to mention, I will embarrass myself if it will help others. ( i'm being Honest) Okay back to when I was going up. In my house there was always the sound of music and so every chance I got I would sing. At age 10 or so, I tried singing in a high pitched voice and played around with different pitches. Testing my limits and even mimicking female singers. My voice would crack alot but i think i was definitely excersizing my vocal cords. So basically i'm saying SINGING has really helped me acheive a very natural female voice. ...
My favorite place to sing was in the shower ....most mornings and some evenings. The shower provided good accoustic sound. I would start with the easy la la's...(lalalas wav.) (lalalas2 wav)then my vowels and eventually went to do, re ,mi, and other lyrics or rhymes.(vowels&doremi wav).... at that time i was trying to prepare myself in becoming a good singer but now at age 24 im a decent singer(needs to invest in voice lessons) but i have a great female voice out of the hours of practicing. So please i can't stress it enough practice singing...even if all you can do is sing in a males voice...slowly take it a tune higher. if you cant sing your vocal skills.... Another thing you might want to do is listen to different female singers .Listening is the key word. LISTENING and mimicking their way of singing. I myself found it easier to sing country music with a female voice...or women singers who have low voices or smooth singing styles....toni braxton,anita baker,shawnia twain,jewel,sade,patsy cline..etc....
Also you mentioned Pronounciations. IT IS VERY IMPORTANT that you dont do the lisp thing,prolonging/dragging the S sound.(lisp wav). I dont like it when gay men do it and i urge transsexual women to avoid it. Completely! Here is something I would fiddle with. Whenever I was on the potty and had nothing to do but sit and wait, I'd reach for a shampoo bottle,magazine, or anything with directions on it.Even if it was wrappers in the trash can, i would grab it and read the directions or labels in different ACCENTS and TONES of voices.(shampoo wav) I personally thought I sounded a bit cute and sexy speaking in an accent even though i didn't have a clue between an english ,aussie or british accent.i think i mixed a few of them try this when your bored or when your reading a good book.
Another hobbie that helped me to feminize my voice (which i'm not proud of ) was I use to call my local FREE chat lines/sex lines and talk to men callers. WOMEN always did get on for free. So I didn't spend any money and got to test and try out my female voices on men. I spent quite some time on there that I started to sound like a professional sex line operator which i'm not or nor have i ever been. I will send two sound wavs of my "sex operator" sounding voice one in a low, mild, female voice and one in a hot, sweatty, aroused female voice.(phonesex wav) as u can hear it sounds a bit fake and sexy but not the voice you want when having conversations in public,job interviews and so on...
Another thing I read was the soft voice. I notice some transsexuals had sent in their wavs and their wavs sounded like they were using a soft voice. Yes it works well on wavs and some telephone conversations but when your'e amongst people in public the soft voice makes it difficult for people to hear you. You want to find your voice where you can speak out LOUD and clearly . Turn your radio on and try to adjust the volume to where you need to speak over the music thats playing. As I was in a Club and had to yell to order a long island ice tea.
PROBLEMS- One of the problems i was faced with in my early years of transitioning was keeping my voice at a steady one toned voice rather than fluctuating into different tones.......Also my voice would crack by cracking I mean i'd speak in my female voice and my male voice would blurt out for a second during a sentence.And I found that when i'm very sleepy or tired my voice would tend to crack or I wouldn't have much energy to voice out my voice as female so i would often speak in a lower feminine voice(there are many genetic women with low voices) than my usual/normal female voice.(so it is important to practice in different tones so you can fall back onto one of them when you can't do the others.) And last but not least in the beginning i would talk in my sleep with a guys voice simply because my voice was not trained and when you are asleep you dont have that control over your voice to try to speak female. But now days when I talk in my sleep I speak in a females voice. Many of my boyfriends have told me. I'm not qualified to make any factual statements about people controlling their voices in their sleep but I know just from my experiences all those years of practicing paid off. Now I speak with a natural female sounding voice when i'm awake and asleep.
Mind you I been doing this since I was 15. The sooner you practice full time the better you will get. Practice, Practice, Practice, is the solution to those problems.
TIPS - When your'e speaking in your female voice it is important to master your breathing skills and every once in awhile adjust your voice. I do this with a simple cough or clearing of the throat. (cough wav)
No matter what you do keep your voice as female as possible. Possible equals passable. Whether you cough or seenze keep it female. When doing these coughs and sneezes it is okay to go high pitched. For you aren't speaking a sentence but merely making womens noises I like to call it.
When speaking a sentence try to avoid high pitched voices for they are a bit fake sounding. When you begin to start practicing on your voice speak in your male voice and take it one range above your regular voice.(1rangeup wav) then as you get better gradually go up to a higher level. Go as far up as you desire or till you have acheived the voice you wish to keep.
Although I haven't totally lost my male voice and never will.I find it now hard to speak in a males voice. I'm doing the opposite than what I have trained my voice to do. So in this case when I try to speak in a males voice it cracks or flucuates.
That is all the information I have for you now and if I can think of anything else I will write to you. Keep in mind these were just my personal experiences. Some of which people would say it is a bit eratic,uneducational,improper or unlady like methods. I want to remind you i'm not an expert just another transsexual women voicing my oppinions and personal experiences and if you choose to try my methods or techniques i'm not responsible for any mishaps or problems you have with your voice.
Thank you for taking the time to read what I had to say and also listening to my wavs and I wish you all the very best! GOODLUCK!
PRACTICE PRACTICE PRACTICE! Practice makes perfect ! (thank you wav)
Feel free to post my E MAIL ( on your website so if any of my transsexual sisters needs some advice I am willing to lend an ear or a shoulder to lean on. Or if someone wants to criticize my methods feel free to contact me.Good and Bad criticism is Great criticism. Or if someone has methods that can help me please let me know.
I thank you ever so much for listening to me and I hope you are doing well with your voice sweetie..................... Much Love,

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Phone Sex - WAV

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